April 16, 2010

Minggu Yang Pnh CaBaRaN!

Ya Allah!

1 whole week i stay up over than 1 am.. Daa! Not
Studying but i need to finish PSS work coz there
will be some school visitors want to visit us. Uh
my Bloody Hell PSS?? like Bonda said to us?
what do u want to show them? there is nothing to
be proud of.. humm after we! GURLZ! renovated
our own PSS.. it's look better than b4.. Of course
Ms ---- always said these sentence.
" hey! i dont like this! do it again!"
" what is this? do u call this ur master piece? this
is just a piece of junk ! chage it now!"

My Goodness! hummm thanks Allah i still have the guts
to do it again and again and again...

pape pown harap2 semua brjln ngan lancar pas nie..
hummm keje skul bertimbun giler nie!!! ohhhhhhh..