June 25, 2009

My Exam??

well da semua oang cakap sal exam so aku pown nak

bgt sal exam aku..

well as you know im not a really excellent gurl..

mybe livin' as SBP student is just a luck for me..

coz there is soooo many other gurl that gained straight

A for their PMR but didn't get the promotion. there is someone

deserve it better than me.

my first semester it's like one crazy gurl trying to fit in.

so for the first exam i have read,study 4 all the 10 subject but

i didn't push my self too hard coz i don't want me to get stress.

so i do all the exam with relax but not really prepared..

the question papers were totally hard. so, aku da perah

kepale otak nie and finished all the question.i tried k..

so what ever result i get, it's ok, i deserve it coz i know

what is the problem was..

btw, the result and ranking will be out tomorrow but me

and my family can't go coz i'm still sick and my parent have

their own things to do. if you want to laugh or mark me coz

i'm not excellent enough it's ok i don't mind coz i know..this

new semester i will do my best! i won't give up easily..

please pray for my success k?