January 1, 2010

My resolution!


happy new year everyone! humm tgl 1 hari je lagi nak blk
skul.. eh x smpi 1 hari, bp jam je lg.. it sucks ! i dont want
to go back! but well everybody know we need to coz we r
having SPM this year bebeh ! oh im freaking to death right
now! help me! oh my parent n family da target aku lak tuk
lawan result abg aku.. ok so he got 8 A upon 10 so i also can!
although i only take 9 subjects .. hehehe

so my resolution for 2010 are.. jeng2..


1- i want to more hardworking than before!
2- i want to be thin and lose some weight before The Ladies
Night ( Malam Gemala Puteri ) an event of my school la..
3- study ! study ! study !
4- always depend to Allah blessing!
5- after SPM end, i want to take my car n motorcycle license.
6- work at the cinema and work in my father office!
7- having man of my dream! hahahaha (who is that lucky man?)
8- 9 A in my hand!
9- study in overseas!
10- owh! have my own car bebeh!


myb that is all for now..
well Insya-Allah i will accomplished my resolution !
i really didnt know what is my actual ambition yet so just do the
best ok! hehehe

mama abah i wont let u down! if i did, im sorry but its not the end
of life right? i will do better in the future..

so i wish a very best of luck in our target!
Start ur engine , launch ur gear , create greater momentum !
hehehe ayat physics!